A rogue clothed in leathers of black and gray, he glides across the battlefield with brutal efficiency.


Str:15 Con:11 Dex:19 Int:12 Wis:12 Cha:13 AC:21 (or 20 when holding one weapon) Fort:15 Ref:20(or 19 when holding one weapon) Will:15 Initiative: +7 Speed:6 Passive insight:19 Passive perception:19 Max HP:48 Bloodied:24 Surge value:12 Surges/day:6

Acrobatics:12 Arcana:6 Athletics:11 Bluff:4 Diplomacy:4 Dungeoneering:9 Endurance:3 Heal:4 History:6 Insight:9 Intimidate:4 Nature:4 Perception:9 Religion:4 Stealth:13 Streetwise:4 Thievery:12

Class features: First strike, rogue tactics(brutal scoundrel), rogue weapon talent, sneak attack Racial features: skill bonus +2 to history and arcana, Eladrin education, +1 to will, +5 to saves vs. charm, fey origin, trance and fey step Feats: two weapon fighting(+1 damage when holding two weapons), two weapon defense(+1 AC and reflex when holding two weapons), backstabber and longsword finesse

Weapons: +1 viscous longsword +9 vs. AC 1d8+4 damage, +1 duelist’s dagger +10 vs. AC 1d4+4 damage, +1 magic dagger(see duelist) Ranged: shuriken +10 vs. AC 1d6+4, dagger +11 vs. AC 1d4+4 Powers: at-will piercing strike, riposte strike, encounter: torturous strike, topple over Daily: trick strike, deep cut (all of these powers use dex and therefore have +2 to hit and damage over the basic melee[brutal scoundrel gives an additional +2 to attack on topple over and +2 damage to torturous strike]). Utility fleeting ghost and nimble climber Armor: +1 sylvan (+1 to stealth and athletics checks), bracers of mighty striking Equipment: 4 daggers, 18 shuriken, adventurer’s kit, climber’s kit, thieve’s tools 110gp


Faedaleus was born to two wealthy merchants who had taken up permanent residence on the material plain. Eccentric by eladrin standards, Fade’s parents were always fasinated with the workings of the material world. Fade fit in well enough among his peers for the most part, bit when they started aging faster than him he started to withdraw and contemplate the mortality of the other races; humans and their quick fire passions particularly intrigued him. Even while his friends matured he sought to impress his peers by pushing himself to feats of physical daring perfecting his balance and skills. Eventually, his friends grew and life took them away first to lead grown up lives and to finally pass away altogether. This is when fade first became interested in the Raven Queen. He no longer sought out the comfort of close friendship knowing that his goddess could lay claim to any life strand at any time. The event that led him into the life of adventuring just as he was entering his adult years was the result of a botched robbery. His parents had the reputation of being extremely well to do and it was only a matter of time before someone would try to steal from them. Fade’s parents were both skilled with the sword and disdained the thought of hiring guards. There overconfidence is what got them killed. Trying to stop the robberry themselves, they were overwhelmed and killed. Fade arrived to late to be of any help, or more likely hinderence due to his inexperience. The saddnesss or anger that one would expect never took hold of Fade. Instead, he saw a messy job that lacked all form of professionalism. He vowed to perfect the art that these ruffians so thoroughly made a mockery of. The Raven Queen calls to him still and he roams the world and enters battles as a way to excersise her will. He regrets only that his parents did not die nobly. (He did not witness his parents actual death, he atributes the tragedy to a job done poorly. If he saw it happen he would still think so, though he would feel better about their death. This is not revenge, he merely wishes to show them how it is done. That and his growing devotion to the raven queen influences his veiws.)


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