Krellian Stormward

Eladrin that travels with his compatriots seeking the means and power to return to his homeland in the Feywild.


Str: 16

Con: 13

Dex: 12

Int: 17

Wis: 11

Cha: 13

AC: 23

HP: 50

Saves: Fort 19, Ref 18, Will 18

Weapon: Longsword wielded two-handed

Feats: Tactical Assault, Toughness, Ritual Caster, Student of the Sword,

Upcoming feats: Weapon Focus: Longsword (for awesome damage + staying power),

Weapon Expertise(longsword), Chainmail Specialization, Combat Commander, Feywild Protection

Powers: Inspiring word, Commander’s Strike, Wolfpack tactics Hammer and Anvil, Steel Monsoon, Surprise Attack Lead the Attack, Stand the Fallen, Stand Tough

Krellian hails from the Feywild, where he was raised to be an Eladrin soldier. It was discovered early on by his commanders that he possessed a talent for strategy and quick thinking. Unfortunately, his love of humankind’s impetuousness has led to his being more impulsive in battle.

Incidentally, Krellian also was impressed by a band of human mercenaries as a young Eladrin. They swung their swords seemingly without discipline, using force rather than finesse. In his rigid training, Krellian had never even considered this a viable option. He questioned the mercenaries on their training and tactics, and was even given a few training lessons by their leader in the use of the longsword wielded in a two-handed style.

Upon returning to the Feywild, Krellian surpassed all his peers in swordplay due to his unorthodox sword skill. Due to this and his excellent intellect, he was given special training to be the youngest commandant of an Eladrin patrol in the realm. His unit became well known after a few minor skirmishes which were won with little to no losses due to Krellian’s planning and his men’s courage. His squad eventually became known as the Emerald Eagles. He was given an audience with the Crown Prince of his realm, and the two became fast friends. However, the Chancellor and the rest of the court disapproved of the friendship and scowls followed them most everywhere. Krellian was dubbed “the Human-Handed” for his sword style and his quick demeanor. The Prince became ill quite suddenly, and almost as suddenly died, supposedly from his illness. Krellian had his suspicions, but they were not to be heard. The Chancellor took charge of the realm, banished Krellian, and disbanded his unit. Krellian has not been back to the Feywild since but through fractions of seconds that his teleportations bring him. He has sword that some day he will return to his Majesty’s land, solve the mystery of his Lord and friend’s death, and bring the usurper to justice.

Presently he travels with a paladin named Melori and a rogue by the name of Feyhd.

Krellian Stormward

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