of the Hill People

The Lair of the Goblinoids

After two more days of marching, the party had finally arrived. It was already evening when the group first spotted the pair of primitive guard towers on a cresting hill, but they were in no mood to stop their advance with their quarry being right under their noses.

They started by exploring the perimeter, searching for any vulnerabilities, and attempting to triangulate the exact position of Fade. When they realized that they would have to make their way into a stockaded fortress, they split off into two groups. One group consisted of Saran the Wild Magic Sorcerer, while the rest of the party headed to the southern of the two watchtowers. Saran used his magic to light the tower on fire, and then retreated into the darkness to loop around to the south where his allies were already taking out the other tower. A small skirmish took place, but the goblinoids were defeated before more reinforcements could join them.

While searching the immediate area of the tower, Melori found a small mark of Melora on the ground near some wooden planks. The planks had been covering a secret passageway below into the goblinoid lair, and the party dove right in to investigate. While traversing the secret passage, they find themselves crawling over a great looking down into a stone room covered in demonic runes, symbols, and implements of all sorts. The passage itself reeked of sulfur and vile incense. They eventually arrived at the end of the tunnel where they found a rolled up ropeladder and a 10 foot drop into a stone corridor below.

After a quick look around, they dropped in, and began to explore, looking for where Fade was being imprisoned. While searching the underground fortress, they found hobgoblins and bugbears that would reveal demonic forms when threatened. After defeating the first ambush and a small patrol, they continued to explore. A small room covered in tapestries revealed another hobgoblin ambush accompanied by an additional patrol. This time the enemies were calling for reinforcements from the other sections of the hold. The adventurers were beginning to find themselves overwhelmed.

Not a moment too soon, Krellion managed to find a secret tunnel in the room they were battling in. The others also noticed that the ceiling above looked like it was starting to crumble. In an act of desperation, they launched themselves down the shoot, sending thunder and flame onto the roof above as they dove in. The ceiling came crashing down, and the party found themselves on a huge grate above a pit smelling of goblin sewage. Fade was in a nearby cell, locked up, and badly beaten. Melori took a few strong swings with her sword, and broke through the locks, freeing Fade. Before they can even finish their greetings, a wave of ogres storms into the room from one end, and goblinoids from the other. The two look like their out to destroy each other, and just then a pair of hobgoblins pull a giant lever, releasing the grate and sending the party into the sewage pit below.

The pit itself was occupied by 6 imps, dancing and chanting a devilish rhyme. A pair of carrion and sewage eating otyughs appeared out of the sewage to aid the imps, and the final battle was at hand. The adventurers destroyed the monsters, and finally earned Fade’s freedom from goblin imprisonment.



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