of the Hill People

It's a Brand New Day

It’s a brand new day in Khaz’Dhurm. The entire mining town has been freed from half a millenia of lycanthropic oppression! Only Melori and Krellion are left of the original group though. The others either wandered off in cowardice, or have been teleported to lands unknown.

This session opened with Krellion and Melori in a dwarven tavern on the edge of Khaz’Dhurm. After getting their first taste of dwarven ale in the entire town, Krellion approaches a shady-looking man in robes who was drinking in solitary at a table. After a brief discussion, it turns out he’s a wild sorcerer looking for some entertainment. The tales of Krellion and party’s most recent adventure lured him into joining with the group. Now two become three and Seran joins the party.

The next stop for the party was the eldritch tower yet again. On the way, they encountered an odd looking humanoid being roughed up by a slew of kobolds and their ogre boss. The group made short work of the brutes, and helped the lone man back on his feet. It turns out he is a Genasi, a creature deeply in tuned with the elements. He offers them his ability in controlling the element of fire in exchange for saving his life, and joins with the party as well. Now three become four and Solo’Kai is one among them.

The group makes their way to the tower, and find the wizard is now charging 100 gold to perform a scrye to see where Fade ended up. After a heated discussion between Melori and the wizard, he eventually performs the service on his terms. After seeing Fade captured by goblinoids, they borrow a locating arrow to point them towards their lost friend.

After traveling for a full day and a half, they find themselves in view of a large mountain in the middle of the hills. Solo’Kai recalls an old story that used to be told of a tribe of warrior nomads who became so enraged at the volcanic eruptions from the mountain, that they assaulted it! Their egos were too large to let a mountain defeat them, and they ended up finding an ancient red dragon and her young within the mountain. She was caught unawares, and killed mercilessly when the warriors cornered her in her lair. The legend goes on that the eruptions have not ceased, and the nomads were convinced that at least one of the fire lizards remained alive.

As the party listened to the story (coming in fragments from Solo’Kai’s memory) they decided it would be unwise to change their route while their friend lies imprisoned. No sooner did they utter the though than a red dragon swooped in and attacked! It was a rousing battle, but they came out on top. Plenty of scars to show for it, though.



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