of the Hill People

Into the Wild Green Yonder

As a war raged on around them, the adventurers found no time to rest before charging into what would only be a bloody battle. As they barreled forth, against the stream of orcs and humans flowing from the gates of the stockaded village, one of their own was waylayed by a falling meteorite from the vortex above. The glowing green rock started to move immediately, and soon became a pack of infernal warforged who were eager to draw blood from the interloping party.

After a hasty battle, they managed to dispatch the metallic warriors, and finished their venture forth into the town. Upon arrival, they met up with an old contact, Doctor Wilven. He was very haggard, but willing to help. Their wounds were healed by a secret stash of Bahamut Essence’s, and they were ready to take down the villain behind the vortex.

They got what little information out of Wilven that he knew, and proceeded to the center of town where a giant red beam was erupting from the earth. Descending into the beam, they found themselves appearing in an underground room, where a large winged devil stood atop a red orb. The battle was quick, but fierce, and they managed to overcome his trickery for the time being. However, once they destroyed the orb, there were only two exits. One of them apparently led to the Shadowfell, the other to the Feywild.

The party gathered their wits, and decided to escape into the Feywild. The majority of the rest of the day was spent trying to find some sort of civilization in a mass of thick growth and enormous trees. Eventually they happened upon an Eladrin village, and agreed to assist them in return for safe harbor.

Currently, they are investigating the disappearance of the villages Matron.



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