of the Hill People

From Ogres to Demons

After two days travelling through an underground cavern with ups, down, twists, turns, forks, and splits, the party finally sees some light. The light turns out to be an underground campfire with a half dozen ogres sitting around, eating. They waited patiently for hours for the ogres to go to sleep, and attempted to sneak past. It was to no avail, as the ogres awakened before they could even get to the other side of the cavern. Fortunately for the party, these were not menacing ogres, but generally peaceful and understanding brutes.

The ogres rallied the adventerers to their chief, and hosted a grand celebration in their honor. The ogres were honoring their deeds in assaulting the hobgoblin fortress, as they had been at war for months. This last push by the ogres gave them the ground they needed, and they collapsed the fortress from within. The celebration was for their victory over the main force of goblins!

Before the dinner was fully prepared, they were directed towards a lost warrior who could use the healing of a divine being. Melori took up the challenge, and ran into her old companion, Grimmtash. Grimmtash was an orc from the camp outside Villehelm, and had quite the tale to tell. It seems that when the party mysteriously disappeared, the war between the demons and the town broke out. The Undestructables made it just in time to intervene, and battled heartily for days and then weeks. When the odds seemed to be overwhelming, the orcs retreated into the stockade of Villehelm, and began to hold out while a small expedition was sent out to find reinforcements.

Grimmtash was in this party, and they had fought bravely to cross the siege line of demons and undead. Unfortunately, most of the party didn’t make it, and Grimmtash barely broke through with plentiful wounds. He was recovered by a passing ogre, and brought into their lair to try to heal. The information that he brings them is now exactly what they need to turn the tide of battle.

The group, plus the orc, meet up with the ogre chief once more. They have a brief discussion, and the ogres agree to join the battle when the moment is ripe. Not only that, but Solo’kai decides to take flight to his village, and bring as many able Genesi to fight along with them.

While one of the party is now off summoning his allies, the other 4 plus an orc are out to cause some mayhem in the back lines of the siege. They approach a tower on a cliff overlooking the siege, and proceed to dispatch the demons and undead in it. A rousing battle ends in a clear victory, until the zombie dragon shows up.

The party takes up arms against the dragon by firing the recently seized ballista. However, they also end up bombarded by sinister skeletons of children, undead vultures, and hurled balls of bones that turn into skeleton soldiers. Through a long and valiant fight, they manage to hold together and fight back the undead, until the dragon is finally slain with a ballista bolt through the brain.

Now the battle with the mysterious lieutenant of the northwest siege is about to begin!



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