of the Hill People

From Bones to Beatdowns

Now, nothing but a mountain of bones lay between our adventurers and their latest quarry. They wasted no time in scaling the bone pile, ravaging stray skeletons as they scramble for cover from a rain of arrows and catapult fire from the east.

They reached the lieutenants tent and before they were able to set the tent on fire, they watched as a wide red beam shot out of the center of Villehelm, creating a vortex in the sky above. Four more beams joined the vortex from the four camps of the demon siege.

The adventurers began their battle, fighting with all their might. This time, Grimmtash was able to join them, and provided some hefty axe swings into the flesh of the demon gnolls minions. Upon engaging the enemies, they noticed a large orb resting on a podium. The orb itself was the origin of one of the four beams that supplied the vortex. It was not a long fight, but a bloody one as they had already been particularly weary before heading into battle.

Once the gnoll had been dispatched, they quickly brought their wrath down on the orb, shattering it and ending one of the beams. Just as it was shattered, they heard a suffering scream from inside Villehelm, as if a create had just been sapped of its essence.

The vortex then began to unleash demons and meteors onto the battlefield. The enemies forces were being bolstered, but to little avail. The orc and human warriors inside Villehelm poured out, gouging the siege and establishing a stronger foothold. The soldiers from the village were also accompanied by a throng of ogres assisting from the North, and waves of fierce Genasi from the East.



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