of the Hill People

Into the Wild Green Yonder

As a war raged on around them, the adventurers found no time to rest before charging into what would only be a bloody battle. As they barreled forth, against the stream of orcs and humans flowing from the gates of the stockaded village, one of their own was waylayed by a falling meteorite from the vortex above. The glowing green rock started to move immediately, and soon became a pack of infernal warforged who were eager to draw blood from the interloping party.

After a hasty battle, they managed to dispatch the metallic warriors, and finished their venture forth into the town. Upon arrival, they met up with an old contact, Doctor Wilven. He was very haggard, but willing to help. Their wounds were healed by a secret stash of Bahamut Essence’s, and they were ready to take down the villain behind the vortex.

They got what little information out of Wilven that he knew, and proceeded to the center of town where a giant red beam was erupting from the earth. Descending into the beam, they found themselves appearing in an underground room, where a large winged devil stood atop a red orb. The battle was quick, but fierce, and they managed to overcome his trickery for the time being. However, once they destroyed the orb, there were only two exits. One of them apparently led to the Shadowfell, the other to the Feywild.

The party gathered their wits, and decided to escape into the Feywild. The majority of the rest of the day was spent trying to find some sort of civilization in a mass of thick growth and enormous trees. Eventually they happened upon an Eladrin village, and agreed to assist them in return for safe harbor.

Currently, they are investigating the disappearance of the villages Matron.

From Bones to Beatdowns

Now, nothing but a mountain of bones lay between our adventurers and their latest quarry. They wasted no time in scaling the bone pile, ravaging stray skeletons as they scramble for cover from a rain of arrows and catapult fire from the east.

They reached the lieutenants tent and before they were able to set the tent on fire, they watched as a wide red beam shot out of the center of Villehelm, creating a vortex in the sky above. Four more beams joined the vortex from the four camps of the demon siege.

The adventurers began their battle, fighting with all their might. This time, Grimmtash was able to join them, and provided some hefty axe swings into the flesh of the demon gnolls minions. Upon engaging the enemies, they noticed a large orb resting on a podium. The orb itself was the origin of one of the four beams that supplied the vortex. It was not a long fight, but a bloody one as they had already been particularly weary before heading into battle.

Once the gnoll had been dispatched, they quickly brought their wrath down on the orb, shattering it and ending one of the beams. Just as it was shattered, they heard a suffering scream from inside Villehelm, as if a create had just been sapped of its essence.

The vortex then began to unleash demons and meteors onto the battlefield. The enemies forces were being bolstered, but to little avail. The orc and human warriors inside Villehelm poured out, gouging the siege and establishing a stronger foothold. The soldiers from the village were also accompanied by a throng of ogres assisting from the North, and waves of fierce Genasi from the East.

From Ogres to Demons

After two days travelling through an underground cavern with ups, down, twists, turns, forks, and splits, the party finally sees some light. The light turns out to be an underground campfire with a half dozen ogres sitting around, eating. They waited patiently for hours for the ogres to go to sleep, and attempted to sneak past. It was to no avail, as the ogres awakened before they could even get to the other side of the cavern. Fortunately for the party, these were not menacing ogres, but generally peaceful and understanding brutes.

The ogres rallied the adventerers to their chief, and hosted a grand celebration in their honor. The ogres were honoring their deeds in assaulting the hobgoblin fortress, as they had been at war for months. This last push by the ogres gave them the ground they needed, and they collapsed the fortress from within. The celebration was for their victory over the main force of goblins!

Before the dinner was fully prepared, they were directed towards a lost warrior who could use the healing of a divine being. Melori took up the challenge, and ran into her old companion, Grimmtash. Grimmtash was an orc from the camp outside Villehelm, and had quite the tale to tell. It seems that when the party mysteriously disappeared, the war between the demons and the town broke out. The Undestructables made it just in time to intervene, and battled heartily for days and then weeks. When the odds seemed to be overwhelming, the orcs retreated into the stockade of Villehelm, and began to hold out while a small expedition was sent out to find reinforcements.

Grimmtash was in this party, and they had fought bravely to cross the siege line of demons and undead. Unfortunately, most of the party didn’t make it, and Grimmtash barely broke through with plentiful wounds. He was recovered by a passing ogre, and brought into their lair to try to heal. The information that he brings them is now exactly what they need to turn the tide of battle.

The group, plus the orc, meet up with the ogre chief once more. They have a brief discussion, and the ogres agree to join the battle when the moment is ripe. Not only that, but Solo’kai decides to take flight to his village, and bring as many able Genesi to fight along with them.

While one of the party is now off summoning his allies, the other 4 plus an orc are out to cause some mayhem in the back lines of the siege. They approach a tower on a cliff overlooking the siege, and proceed to dispatch the demons and undead in it. A rousing battle ends in a clear victory, until the zombie dragon shows up.

The party takes up arms against the dragon by firing the recently seized ballista. However, they also end up bombarded by sinister skeletons of children, undead vultures, and hurled balls of bones that turn into skeleton soldiers. Through a long and valiant fight, they manage to hold together and fight back the undead, until the dragon is finally slain with a ballista bolt through the brain.

Now the battle with the mysterious lieutenant of the northwest siege is about to begin!

The Lair of the Goblinoids

After two more days of marching, the party had finally arrived. It was already evening when the group first spotted the pair of primitive guard towers on a cresting hill, but they were in no mood to stop their advance with their quarry being right under their noses.

They started by exploring the perimeter, searching for any vulnerabilities, and attempting to triangulate the exact position of Fade. When they realized that they would have to make their way into a stockaded fortress, they split off into two groups. One group consisted of Saran the Wild Magic Sorcerer, while the rest of the party headed to the southern of the two watchtowers. Saran used his magic to light the tower on fire, and then retreated into the darkness to loop around to the south where his allies were already taking out the other tower. A small skirmish took place, but the goblinoids were defeated before more reinforcements could join them.

While searching the immediate area of the tower, Melori found a small mark of Melora on the ground near some wooden planks. The planks had been covering a secret passageway below into the goblinoid lair, and the party dove right in to investigate. While traversing the secret passage, they find themselves crawling over a great looking down into a stone room covered in demonic runes, symbols, and implements of all sorts. The passage itself reeked of sulfur and vile incense. They eventually arrived at the end of the tunnel where they found a rolled up ropeladder and a 10 foot drop into a stone corridor below.

After a quick look around, they dropped in, and began to explore, looking for where Fade was being imprisoned. While searching the underground fortress, they found hobgoblins and bugbears that would reveal demonic forms when threatened. After defeating the first ambush and a small patrol, they continued to explore. A small room covered in tapestries revealed another hobgoblin ambush accompanied by an additional patrol. This time the enemies were calling for reinforcements from the other sections of the hold. The adventurers were beginning to find themselves overwhelmed.

Not a moment too soon, Krellion managed to find a secret tunnel in the room they were battling in. The others also noticed that the ceiling above looked like it was starting to crumble. In an act of desperation, they launched themselves down the shoot, sending thunder and flame onto the roof above as they dove in. The ceiling came crashing down, and the party found themselves on a huge grate above a pit smelling of goblin sewage. Fade was in a nearby cell, locked up, and badly beaten. Melori took a few strong swings with her sword, and broke through the locks, freeing Fade. Before they can even finish their greetings, a wave of ogres storms into the room from one end, and goblinoids from the other. The two look like their out to destroy each other, and just then a pair of hobgoblins pull a giant lever, releasing the grate and sending the party into the sewage pit below.

The pit itself was occupied by 6 imps, dancing and chanting a devilish rhyme. A pair of carrion and sewage eating otyughs appeared out of the sewage to aid the imps, and the final battle was at hand. The adventurers destroyed the monsters, and finally earned Fade’s freedom from goblin imprisonment.

It's a Brand New Day

It’s a brand new day in Khaz’Dhurm. The entire mining town has been freed from half a millenia of lycanthropic oppression! Only Melori and Krellion are left of the original group though. The others either wandered off in cowardice, or have been teleported to lands unknown.

This session opened with Krellion and Melori in a dwarven tavern on the edge of Khaz’Dhurm. After getting their first taste of dwarven ale in the entire town, Krellion approaches a shady-looking man in robes who was drinking in solitary at a table. After a brief discussion, it turns out he’s a wild sorcerer looking for some entertainment. The tales of Krellion and party’s most recent adventure lured him into joining with the group. Now two become three and Seran joins the party.

The next stop for the party was the eldritch tower yet again. On the way, they encountered an odd looking humanoid being roughed up by a slew of kobolds and their ogre boss. The group made short work of the brutes, and helped the lone man back on his feet. It turns out he is a Genasi, a creature deeply in tuned with the elements. He offers them his ability in controlling the element of fire in exchange for saving his life, and joins with the party as well. Now three become four and Solo’Kai is one among them.

The group makes their way to the tower, and find the wizard is now charging 100 gold to perform a scrye to see where Fade ended up. After a heated discussion between Melori and the wizard, he eventually performs the service on his terms. After seeing Fade captured by goblinoids, they borrow a locating arrow to point them towards their lost friend.

After traveling for a full day and a half, they find themselves in view of a large mountain in the middle of the hills. Solo’Kai recalls an old story that used to be told of a tribe of warrior nomads who became so enraged at the volcanic eruptions from the mountain, that they assaulted it! Their egos were too large to let a mountain defeat them, and they ended up finding an ancient red dragon and her young within the mountain. She was caught unawares, and killed mercilessly when the warriors cornered her in her lair. The legend goes on that the eruptions have not ceased, and the nomads were convinced that at least one of the fire lizards remained alive.

As the party listened to the story (coming in fragments from Solo’Kai’s memory) they decided it would be unwise to change their route while their friend lies imprisoned. No sooner did they utter the though than a red dragon swooped in and attacked! It was a rousing battle, but they came out on top. Plenty of scars to show for it, though.

Quest Completed!

Looks like our adventurers have finally closed the portal to the Shadowfell. Kudos to them! Unfortunately Faedelius has yet to show up on the other side! Is he simply misplaced, or perhaps lost forever? It seems as though the next course of action is to return to the timeless eldritch sorcerer once more.

I’ll be placing more campaign summaries from the previous journeys in this blog format, and pre-dating them for easy reading.


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