Welcome to The Hills!

of the Hill People is a gaming group in Burlington, VT. We are currently in a 4th Edition game that has been running since the release of 4E. The game is set in the dangerous hills of Khaz’Um Dhar.

So far the players have delved into the poisonous mushroom forest, the Eldritch tomb near Villehelm, and most recently into a Dwarven mine that connects to the mysterious Shadowfell.

The players have met countless challenges. They have been forced to duel orcs in a pit for respect, climb giant mushrooms to take out sniping goblins, and solved obscure Eldritch puzzles from ancient times.

Although they have already been through much, this is only the beginning of a grueling task to bring whatever peace and justice they can to an otherwise writhing haunt of villainy and despair.

of the Hill People

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